Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Modern art on the streets of Paris

Paris boast of many museum from the Louvre where one can recieve a bewitching smile from Mona Lisa or La Giaconda as called in french, to the modern arts museum called Pompidou Centre ( a unique building with exposed interconnected brightly connected pipelines exibiting modern art, sculptures and painting of Matisse etc.). But the impressive fact about Paris is the art you see on the streets. The Buildings, the Sculptures , the Graffiti, the fountains, all these are a treat to see and experience.
Here are some photographs of modern works in the City of Lights.

Stravinsky Fountain

A Sculpture at La Defence (modern suburbs of Paris)

A sculpture

Paintings on sale at Montmarte

These are from the walls near the metro


Smitha said...

Photographs are really good.. but for some reason, I cannot appreciate modern art !!

rajolisudhir said...

I too find hard to understand, but when explained the artists perceptive, it found it intersting. You know Ravi Varma was dismissed as a calender painter, so...