Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nagarjunakonda and Ethipothla Falls

NargarjunaKonda-named after the famous Buddhist monk Nargujana is a island situated at  about 130 kms for Hyderabad. Reachable by a launch from the main land (always overloaded, hats off to Indian tourists to undertake journey, I felt the same when I toured Sikkim, The roads in such bad shape add  rain to it- all the same we  go ahead) another one hour journey, but worth every bit of it. This area is is purported to be a big learning center for Buddhist studies and ruled by  Ikshvaku  dynasty.

The construction of the dam submerged the valley along with many of the ancient sites. But then the authorities (ASI) have done a fantastic job in relocating many of the ancient sites to this island. Much Like Abu Simbel in Egypt. The museum  here is a treasure house of artifacts belonging to Hindu, Buddhist and Jain. Some of the Buddhist sculptures thought are out of the world. The along with the many other monument on the island make it a worth wile visit

The photographs clockwise show a ancient cyst burial site , the sacrificial spot where the aAshwamedha Yagana is performed, one of the many remains of the Vihara and a Hindu temple.

This is an interesting pond in the shape of a tortoise called Kurma Chiti the spot where the horse was sacrificed.

The Buddha stands in one of the open viharas as majestic one can imagine

And just a hours drive from this place is the Ethipothla falls-The board here says " the rain water of Nallmallai hill travels underground and emerges here and falls down the gorge....." A nice enjoyable place with the Banjaras dancing as the twilight falls........

And the falls is illuminated


Monday, April 16, 2012

Glimpses of Hyderabad

Got to spend some time in Hyderabad and get some lovely pictures
 Taramati Baradari 

The famed Numaish (Exhibition) of Hyderabad happens in December-January every year

The Charminar Ofcourse

The Mecca Masjid just across the Charminar

The Chowmohalla Palace : Possibly not known much-but is a treasure house-got to see a custom built Royce
The  sound and light show at Golconda-A must witness event