Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hubli-Dhrawad means a lot to Hindustani music buffs, Music probably rings in the air in the interiors of this place. It was an enriching experience to see places like Hanagal, Kundgol, where the greats of Hindustani music either hail from or obtained their training.
But the most enchanting and humbling experience was a visit to Shishuvinal, the birth place of the musician saint Shishuvinal Sharif, a secular poet saint revered equally by all communities, it a delight to hear to his compositions in rural north karnataka dialect. The tomb of this man is in the midst of agricultural land, standing quietly no hustle- bustle a

This is great man's tomb.

The Precincts of the tomb or Ashram- A hostel for students
I wish I could get a close up of this mendicant, his calm gaze and serene face would have been great to capture