Thursday, February 9, 2012

Temples of Gadag_Laksmeshwar

About 50 kms for Gadag lies Laksmeshwar-There are many temples, Basidi and a Muslim shrine and Masjid. The most famous and majestic is the Someshwara temple.  The precincts of this temple is as large as a small fort, surrounded by a high walled structure.  The mark of the chalukayas is all over, but I wonder if it is influenced by the Hoysala particularly the shape of sanctun santoruim.

Precincts of the temple-the corridors- A huge well

Uniqueness of this temple is the idol of shiva and parvati riding a bull. On the left of the photographs is a mirror which shows the reflection of Parvati on the bull in a orange dress

The Jumma Masjid built by the Bijapur sultans