Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bagamandal and Tala Kaveri

At the foothill of Talakaveri is Bagamandala. A confluence of three rivers, river kaveri joined by two tributaries.
After a customary dip at the confluence, devotees visit the Bhagandeshwara temple before proceeding to Tala Kaveri-the birth place of the river Kaveri on the Bramagiri hill. This a wonderful place to visit and spend a day in the pristine environment.

Confluence of the river  kaveri- people taking a dip

 Another view of the river and beyond

This is Talacauvery-the place the might  river kaveri is born, Beautiful and majestic. The sight of people wading through the length of the tank to the exact spot where the river raises in a small spring is humbling. People crowding the around the small spring

A view down from Bramagiri

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coorg_The Scotland Of India

It been a long time,with little time, bogged down with various things, time now to complete the Coorg saga. Coorg or Kodagu, often called the Scotland of India so unique, The people have their own distinct culture, food, the women drape the Saree in their own unique way. Lucky for us to have a cousin hailing from this area. He made sure we could savor all the flavors coorg has to offer.
Spending a night in a home stay, enjoying the dinner the coorgi way is most enchanting. To being with lots of fruit wine (Pineapple, Pomegranate), whisky, Pork, chicken,  Wow! it was wonderful.

Getting up early and taking a walk in the meadows-

 Crossing cool crystal clear streams - most refreshing

Sugar cane from the nearby fields for breakfast

Some flowers along the way

This is something amateur irrespective of the results try