Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Streaming light through Venetian blind

When I walked in for Break fast at Hotel Hans in Hubli, It was dazzling to see the effect the light streaming through venetian blind, I had to run back to the room to fetch the camera, lest I lose the effect. The photographs are no where as good, since I could not capture the minute squares cast on the floor and tables. well, tommrow is always there....

Monday, December 21, 2009


Kamala Basidi or the kamal Basti, so called because of the enchanting chandelier carved in stone on the ceiling of the main temple or basidi dedicated to Jain tirthankaras. Purported to have been built by the Goa Kadamas, at its heights, this complex had many basidis, but regular invasions by Moguls, Bhamanis etc. has taken its toll
If lucky, one can have the darshan of a young Jain muni, resplendent in nature's splendour. Honestly dressed in branded stuff top to down, I felt absolutely naked in his august presence. Its a humbling experience.

The Kamala Basidi

All I could manage was this of the KAMALA

The Chikki Basti

Children posing with the intricately carved facade of the Chikki Basti in the back ground

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Belgaum Lake

For someone habituated to take a morning wake in the pristine surrounding of Sankey Tank in Bangalore, the Belgaum lake situated near the fort was a boon.
Much bigger than Sankey, the maintenance is much desired. All the same its heavenly to walk around in the morning.

Over cast sky in the early hours lends a different hue

Ducks lumbering out after their morning Bath (they do have one every morning)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Madhugiri Betta

Namuru chandvo Nemuru chandvo...........So goes the kannada song ( Is my city beautiful or yours..), this had been the topic for my wife who believes that the Madhugiri hillock is the second biggest monolithic rock in Asia, and I argue it is the Bellary rock, Well after seeing both I can only say the measurements for Bellary Hillock is available on the net, none for madhugiri, the case rests, but then Savandura too lays its claim.

This is the Hillock

The Indo-Sarsenic influence seen at the entrance to the fort

British influence seen in this old machinery and a building within the fort