Monday, December 21, 2009


Kamala Basidi or the kamal Basti, so called because of the enchanting chandelier carved in stone on the ceiling of the main temple or basidi dedicated to Jain tirthankaras. Purported to have been built by the Goa Kadamas, at its heights, this complex had many basidis, but regular invasions by Moguls, Bhamanis etc. has taken its toll
If lucky, one can have the darshan of a young Jain muni, resplendent in nature's splendour. Honestly dressed in branded stuff top to down, I felt absolutely naked in his august presence. Its a humbling experience.

The Kamala Basidi

All I could manage was this of the KAMALA

The Chikki Basti

Children posing with the intricately carved facade of the Chikki Basti in the back ground

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Vamsee said...

what a beautiful temple. I never heard of this before.