Thursday, October 28, 2010

Buddha Vihara- Gulbarga

Gulbarga has many historical buildings particularly of the Deccan sultans. A visit to the the Shrine of the Sufi saint Hazrat Kwaja Bande Nawas and the Sharana Baseweshwara temple is a must, which I couldn't in this visit, But the latest addition to monuments is the Buddha Vihara which was thrown open to public last year. A imposing white structure built over 75 acres of land is worth a visit, if one is in Gulbarga. Photography is prohibited in the precincts and I have no complaints, the ambience is silent and peaceful

The gateway to the vihara

The main Stupa resplendent in twilight

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gulbarga Fort

History always surprises me. Its one thing reading history in text books and another when you visit the monuments. I have read a lot about the Deccan sultanates. Always thought that Bijapur was the one which was all powerful with impressive list of monuments. But then Gulbarga fort is a massive and beautiful. Roaming around in the fort one is taken back to the grand old days when the Bahamani sultans ruled from here for more than two centuries, until they decided to change their capital to Bidar

Surrounded by a moat, which is overgrow by weed. There are two entrances to this fort, entry of which is through the bridges across the moat. Both these entrances are flanked by strong bastions.
One of the entrance, What is he waiting for?               Settlements inside the fort - time stands still 
Among the many Canons in this fort this is the one biggest one, Majestic in length all 29 feet and facing the entrance   on the other side ready to boom in case of a breach
This is a jewel in the fort-the Jumma Masjid, a huge structure extremely simple and beautiful, The ASI board say this was designed by Rafi -an architect from Iran. Designed to accommodate 5000 people.

This Mosques is said to resemble the a famous mosque in Cardova city of Spain

A view from the rear side, This mosques is also opined to follow the plain Turkish design contemporary to Byzantine, I wonder if the raised design in the middle wall does resemble some Churches particularly the St. Francis Church in Goa

The interiors of the mosques supported by 140 pillars and 250 arches 


It has five large domes. The central dome here is 80 feet in diameter The Grandeur of  the ceiling decorated with flowers and creepers