Saturday, November 23, 2013


Located quite close to Basgo,  is the Likir Monastery. Like many of the monasteries  , this too is located high up in the hills overlooking Indus and the snow clad mountains in the background. The monastery complex- nearly 1000 years,  also houses a  school for children.

A repository of Paintings, vessels, coins swords etc. are housed withing the complex.

The latest addition- A 23 meter high glided gold statue of Maitreya

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Located on clay hills and reminding one of the Petra caves in Jordan is the Basgo Monastery. recognized as the 100 most endangered heritage site by World Monument Fund, USA lies in precarious condition. so much so one can see creative holes in some of the walls.

Replete with beautiful mural s on the wall and pillars which  needs attention.

Then there is this beautiful serene 14 meter high gilded statue statue of the Maitreya Buddha.

The  Basgo Welfare Committee with help from various organisation has though done commendable work in restoring some of the monument.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

All roads lead to Lamayaru

The head Lama decides to visit the Lamayaru Monastery and what we get to see; The local populace decked in their traditional attire and all finery proceeding the monastery.

It is  festive  atmosphere all along the stark naked desert landscape. People who cannot make it to the monastery, set up reception areas complete with music and food to welcome the Lama.  
At the monastery, not to be left behind the Monks too are busy in preparation  and paint the road with beautiful patterns.

Lamayaru monastery, perched atop a hill on  moonscapes is located in Kargil District a little distance away from Alchi. Said to be among the oldest, the monastery itself is quites simple, but some how I felt this is the best among the many monasteries, I have seen 

With such formations Benith, its amazing that this monastery has survived 1000 years