Friday, December 30, 2011

Temples of Gadag_LAKKUNDI

Gadag-A district  endowed with many unique temples and architecture which I learn is  called the Gadag architecture or the western chalukyan architecture. I visited quite a few in this district and many more on the anvil. 

The first and the most beautiful are the monuments in Lakkundi. Situated about 12 kms from Gadag, a small town, boasts of many temples-more than 50, only a few have been restored by the ASI and they are truly master pieces. A museum maintained by ASI houses  many sculptures picked up in the vicinity of the town.

The Brama Jinalya

This headless image of a Thirthankara stands etched in time

The Kasi Vishweshwara temple -Probably unique clubbed to it is the Surya Temple. Richly decorated with tales form Mahabharata. Notice the architecture-Unlike the sand stones of Badami, Aihole , probably is the locally available stone and inspired by the north Indian architecture perfected by the earlier Chalukaians.

Classic view of the Surya temple from both sides 


The beautiful pillared Nanneshwara Temple seen across the road

This is a beautifully tank Bhavi-never seen a tank this beautiful laid out in the precints of  the mannikeshwara temple.

A delight to sit on the steps and marvel the skills of the  artisans