Friday, December 26, 2008

Idukki hill ranges-Tea gardens

Munnar is one beautiful place in the Gods own country, largely untouched by commercialisation. Couple of days in these hill ranges would be rejuvenating . The tea gardens are a beauty, you could keep gazing at it for hours or decide to take a walk along the steep paths.

A bewitching shot of the existing tea bushes and the sprouting ones

The clouds too wants its print on the garden
Amidst all the beauty periyar flows nonchalantly

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Idduki Hill Range_ Kurisumala Ashram

If silence is what one need to experience, then Kurisumala Ashram is the best place. Established by Christian monks and situated in the famous Vagamon grasslands of Idukki hill ranges , its place where silences is strictly followed and is so quiet and tranquil, you will wish to spend at least a couple of days in this place in complete silence and contemplation- tending to the cattle and participating in the chores of the Ashram.
ByLanes of the Ashram

Cattle sheds and Milk processing centre
Splendid view of the Vegetable patch and beyond

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have a faint recollection of a cigarette called Passing show in my childhood, This photograph of my friend took me back to those times


This virgin mist laden valley is just under 60 kms away from Trivandrum largely untouched and waiting to be commercialized. The nip in the mountain air gets you and you have this unmistakable exhilaration.

The majestic Kallar river flowing in the valley

Misty Breeze sweeping across the mountain side

On a trek in the mountains

Misty, misty, Misty pathway

Dhund se lipte in vadiyon mein kahin lika hai mera nam (Faintly recollect these lines were of Deepti Naval)

Cottages on the top of the mountain

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Food-French delicacies

French- nation of gourmets, not only love their food but go a long way in presenting it. The best part of it is having lunch or dinner in french style whether at their homes or at the pavements of Bistros/ brasseries at our own time with wine of course. It takes some time to develop a taste for french cuisine, but have developed once, there will be no looking back and one will start enjoying it so much, they would start exploring the dishes of various regions of France and the local delicacies.

This is a working meal of noodles, chicken shreds, salad and baguette (bread)

Duck with sliced Potato and salad leaves

This one for veggies, shredded vegetables with mushrooms

Again for veggies but a better one- French fries with french beans

Sliced meat (raw ?) with sausages and a type of cabbage probably grown in Germany (Photograph is out of focus)
Combination of raw and smoked salmon over spaghetti and fish sauce
With over 350 varieties of cheese always, dessert is always cheese.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Few shots of a brick kiln

Famed Tulip gardens-No our own marigold

Just about a hours drive from Bangalore will lead to Narasapur, 15 kms away from the the gold mine of Kolar, We were in the midst of a power system survey in the interiors of Narasapur and suddenly this sea of yellow unveiled in front of us. It was shocking, for it for not expected but no less beautiful than famed tulip gardens of Holland.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kolapur_Mahalaxmi temple

The road from Belgaum to Kolapur is absolute beauty-comparable to the best in the world, The approximate distance of 120 kms can be covered in a little more than a hour. Kolapur is best known for the fame Kolapuri chappals and I learn later for the Mahalaxmi temple too. The temple is a exquisite beauty-first look reminds one - of the temples ate Belur-Halebidu. Set in black stone and is intricately carved

The entrance door to the temple complex

One of the Facades of the Temple

If you wonder what does one need in life, look below, Notice the pillow

Friday, November 14, 2008


My saga in the northern part of karanataka continues.
This is a beautiful country side of hukkeri, The weather in this part of karnataka is always moderate and gives a sort of English village feel (not that I have seen one, but the you read a lot in so many of the book). The chirping/tweeting and (what else I don't know ) of birds reaches a crescendo of sorts, believe me its a lovely experience.
The Village at a distance

A humble dwelling at the edge of a field

Just as the woman stares at her worldly belongings , imagine yourself here I am sure you will smell the earthy goodness of a village

Ah! This is my favorite, I could have taken a better shot, They make a lovely pair isn't?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sogal, Murgod and Saundatti

Sogal is almost a isolated place, known for the Somaeshwara temple built by the Rastrakuttas. Legend has it that Shiva married Parvathi at this place. You see a serene water fall and when you climb up the steps adjacent to the water fall you reach the temple.

On the way to Saundatti from Belgaum, a little deviation in the the travel will take us to Murgod, a quaint little village, sleepy and the sort a city bred with a penchant for rural life would love to spend. One can do so at this Chidambar Ashram which is the samadi of a 16th century saint.

The Asharam

A grand two storey building in the village

Saundatti - known for the devadasi cult prevailing hitherto is a famous temple town. The presiding Deity being Renuka Yellama. The surroundings rocky hills of the temple give a sonorous glow in the twilight of the day.

View of Temple in the Twilight

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ganagapur- Gulbarga District

Gangapur in Gulbarga District of Karnataka is a famous pilgrim centre and a known Dattathrey Peeta. The temple town is almost a village-dusty and as you would expect any pilgrim town. But it offers the photographer in you a very colourful images
This is a where the devotees sit and recite the scriptures day and night on fulfilment of their vows.

The river front of Bhima , with devotees taking a sacred dip

And what could this be a make shift dressing room? - this is on the banks of river Bhima

The temple chariot standing majestically in a open space littered with cow dung with the earthy smell that today's city dwellers may almost not have experienced

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enchanting Rural north Karnataka_On the way to Shishuvinala

Rural India always bewitches me. any rural area for that matter. When in France I was able cajole my hosts, who were gracious enough to show me there country side will post these photographs on another day but today this lovely countryside on the way to Shishuvinala.
You must me there to experience the nip in air, the laid back attitude of the people you come across more often than not one is reminded of Robert Frost's line "I have miles to go Miles to go before I rest", but then in today's time will the miles to go ever stop? Note that all the images were shot in a travelling car, such is the miles we have to cover...
So you see a haystack (view the small temple on the background)
Banyan Tree standing majestically and its over hanging roots tantalizing touching the waters of the placid lake.

A boy riding a Buffalo with aplomb.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hubli-Dhrawad means a lot to Hindustani music buffs, Music probably rings in the air in the interiors of this place. It was an enriching experience to see places like Hanagal, Kundgol, where the greats of Hindustani music either hail from or obtained their training.
But the most enchanting and humbling experience was a visit to Shishuvinal, the birth place of the musician saint Shishuvinal Sharif, a secular poet saint revered equally by all communities, it a delight to hear to his compositions in rural north karnataka dialect. The tomb of this man is in the midst of agricultural land, standing quietly no hustle- bustle a

This is great man's tomb.

The Precincts of the tomb or Ashram- A hostel for students
I wish I could get a close up of this mendicant, his calm gaze and serene face would have been great to capture