Thursday, October 2, 2008

Enchanting Rural north Karnataka_On the way to Shishuvinala

Rural India always bewitches me. any rural area for that matter. When in France I was able cajole my hosts, who were gracious enough to show me there country side will post these photographs on another day but today this lovely countryside on the way to Shishuvinala.
You must me there to experience the nip in air, the laid back attitude of the people you come across more often than not one is reminded of Robert Frost's line "I have miles to go Miles to go before I rest", but then in today's time will the miles to go ever stop? Note that all the images were shot in a travelling car, such is the miles we have to cover...
So you see a haystack (view the small temple on the background)
Banyan Tree standing majestically and its over hanging roots tantalizing touching the waters of the placid lake.

A boy riding a Buffalo with aplomb.

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