Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ganagapur- Gulbarga District

Gangapur in Gulbarga District of Karnataka is a famous pilgrim centre and a known Dattathrey Peeta. The temple town is almost a village-dusty and as you would expect any pilgrim town. But it offers the photographer in you a very colourful images
This is a where the devotees sit and recite the scriptures day and night on fulfilment of their vows.

The river front of Bhima , with devotees taking a sacred dip

And what could this be a make shift dressing room? - this is on the banks of river Bhima

The temple chariot standing majestically in a open space littered with cow dung with the earthy smell that today's city dwellers may almost not have experienced

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Smitha said...

very earthy shots!!