Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Temples of HOOLI

On a journey from Savadatti to Ramdurga in Belgaum Dist, we learnt of  Hooli- a village 30 minutes away from Savadatti. We were directed to the grand temple complex of Panchalingeshwara. Recreated and well maintained-With a pillared mantap in the front and five sanctum sanatorium with five shiv linga, hence the name panchalingeswara.  Archaeological Survey of India has done a great job in restoring this temple. Now we learn of 100 temples of Hooli.

Off we go bare footed in the by lanes of the village, We come across a little structure in complete ruins, with cattle grazing.

A Little distance, and we are greeted by the awesome site many a temples scattered around on the hillock across this stream.


Unmindful of the thorns and growing excitement, we went on exploring the exquisite architecture.

Beautifully carved doorways, Pillared entrances to the inner sanctum


All these temples we were told were shaivates and each one had its own well. We could see many in the vicinity. How I wish I could explore all the hundred, I can only quote Robert Frost : Miles to go ......

Researched many a time on the net. Know not who are the architects of these magnificent site. Possibly Chalukya's or Kadamambas?