Friday, January 15, 2010


Pondicheery or Puduchery as its called now has diverse views of people on tourism potential. Whats there to see here is what people say and then flock to it. I have always believed that any place has much more to experience than see. You can see the monuments in TV, Photographs, Experiencing is what make the place lovable.
Well, the Sri. Aurobindo's samadi is a great place to experience, especially the silence. So is the sprawling Auroville-an experiment in international community living. The matri mandir at aurovile, My friend says, has a meditation hall, wherein you could literally experience deafening silence (unfortunately is not open to common public).
So, Puducherry is all about the ashram, Auroville, the broad Promenade in the french quarters, the beautiful buildings in the Tamil quarters, and enjoying french food in few of the restaurants.
INTACH, has done some excellent work here in restoring the old colonial structures. They take on a heritage walk in the french quarters of the city on week end.

Interiors of a refurbished buildings which houses the INTACH office today. The yellow Oxide floor in this building is exquisite to see.

Rows of Old houses in the Tamil quarters

Wonderful to walk, on the beach front
Gateway to the many french building
Streets bear the french names even today

Facade of a Hotel typically french

Hotel de Ville being refurbished-houses the State Govt. offices

The magnificent interiors of the Alliance Francaise buildings

Ranganathittu and Bandipur

The Youth Photographic Society, Bangalore brings together Professionals and rookies like me together and arranges trip all over the country.
My first trip with this wonderful group of people to Ranganathittu bird sanctuary and Bandipur wild life sanctuary in Karnataka.
A River Tern

Stone Plover

A flock of white ibis in animated conversation

I live in towns too

Serious Introspection

A cute one