Thursday, February 10, 2011

Temples of Aralaguppe

On a visit to Tiptur about 200 kms from Bangalore, I did the usual search and lo! I could get a list of many ancient structures in and around. Managed to visit Aralaguppe -a small village 20kms away from Tiptur; which boast two wonderful temples- The Kalleswara and Chennakeshava.

Chennakeshava temple

 The Chennakeshava temple is amazing in this little village almost a oasis in the desert. Dated to have been built in the 13th century by the Hoysalas, this structure has all the attributes of the Hoysalan architecture of Belur and Halebid. The walls are sculpted with images of Vishnu in various avatars and the creativity of the creator is absolutely marvellous.
Front View of the temple

Rear View-The star shaped platform and the elephants placed at regular interval

Intricately carved wall

The Kalleshwara temple

Purported to be a Pre-Hoysalan structure, built by the Nolambas,The Kalleshwara temple has a two attractions which are worth many a visit -The extraordinary ceiling intricately carved and the sculpture of Uma and Shiva. The pillars of the temple are of granite, but the walls are of brick-may be a later day addition. The temple of this importance could be better maintained

The main attraction of this temple the ceiling which is something to be seen to be believed. Its amazing but proved difficult to capture of the nine panels on the ceiling I could get the these two

The Nataraj                                                                                    Pashupathi


A view inside-Lathe turned pillars, the ceiling and the the Shiva Linga

The Bull - Nandi                                                    Uma- Maheshwar- a unique sculpture