Friday, November 14, 2008


My saga in the northern part of karanataka continues.
This is a beautiful country side of hukkeri, The weather in this part of karnataka is always moderate and gives a sort of English village feel (not that I have seen one, but the you read a lot in so many of the book). The chirping/tweeting and (what else I don't know ) of birds reaches a crescendo of sorts, believe me its a lovely experience.
The Village at a distance

A humble dwelling at the edge of a field

Just as the woman stares at her worldly belongings , imagine yourself here I am sure you will smell the earthy goodness of a village

Ah! This is my favorite, I could have taken a better shot, They make a lovely pair isn't?


Smitha said...

Looks like you are going around a lot!
There was a whiff of earthy goodness in these photos.. I am now really wanting to get back home!

Gururaj P Yarazarvi said...

i born and brought up in murgod, but i am not living there also i missing lot like Chidameshwara devasthan, mahanteheshwer math, siddan gavi and so meny places - GURURAJ