Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Belgaum Lake

For someone habituated to take a morning wake in the pristine surrounding of Sankey Tank in Bangalore, the Belgaum lake situated near the fort was a boon.
Much bigger than Sankey, the maintenance is much desired. All the same its heavenly to walk around in the morning.

Over cast sky in the early hours lends a different hue

Ducks lumbering out after their morning Bath (they do have one every morning)


uday said...

nice pics

Smitha said...

Wow.. what clarity... is it a new camera? nice water mark though

rajolisudhir said...

Thanks Uday, All about belgaum is intresting, I shall look in details and get back

Thanks Smitha,Its the same one you got, I am ready for the next one and waiting for you folks to get the new one