Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Banashankari_Temple Town

This temple town is a short distance away from the famed Badami caves and located at Cholchigudda. The deity inside the temple, an incarnation of Parvathi is ancient and worth seeing. Apart from visiting the temple, one can eat Jowar and Bajra roti, with various chutney powder and curries sold by women wearing colorful sarees. The tower which forms the centre part of the temple complex looks straight for the caste of Hogwarts

A Big tank opposite the temple called the Harida teertha

The tower as viewed from across the temple

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Smitha said...

very different structure for a temple.. neither built in Nagara or Vesara style.. it looks more like Indo-saracenic / Indo-Islamic styles.. I need to do some researching on this one. I am pretty sure this temple stands out from the architectural point of view..