Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chola temple at Binnamangala

Not very far from Nelamangala the Bangalore – Tumkur highway, a drive of about a kilometer on kutcha road leads to the Mukti Nateshwar temple and regular worship is on these days.
This temple is rebuilt by the ASI, I would say they have done a reasonable job, but I would always want to see ancient ruins preserved in the conditions it is found rather than remodel and built it. To cite an example, I have Seen the Urga Narashima statues at Hampi in ruins, with the legs broken and lying in the floor. One should see this now, the legs are joined using cement plaster. I would say preservation and not restoration is what is important.

Well, expect for the Nelamangala town website, I do not find anything much about this temple other than that it was built by Raja Raja Chola. Though a local man tells his parents from the nearby village used to come to this temple to pray for rains and at times it used to rain on their journey back home.

Rich caving of the old and new on the walls.

Pillars are ancient all right


Smitha said...

Cholas in Nelamangala?? Looks like I need to get back to my History books.. How are you managing to find all these rare treasures?

rajolisudhir said...

It surprised me as much, but a little search on the net, revels Cholas captured talakad and named it Raja Rajachola puram. There are many more chola temple in and around Bangalore, will have to find them

Just Going said...

Even I don't know about this place. I have been around some Chola temples lately ( I will need to go there and I will seek advice then

Team G Square said...
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Team G Square said...

nice photos and information .thanks for sharing. I have heard about the temples but was looking for some first hand information .