Saturday, June 20, 2009

Caves of Badami

A visit to Badami caves is a dream come true. Especially so, 'coz I have still retained by childhood interest in history and archeology. The sight of the huge caves thrills me to such an extent, That I could hardly compose a shot. Ideally way to explore the surroundings of the caves and the whole of Badami would be spend a full day if not two.

These caves, constructed by the Chalukyas have huge sculptures of vashinavaite, Shavite and jains. I forgot the tale behind the famous bhajan in carnatic music "Vatapi Ganapathim...". Faintly recollect that this has something to do with the Pallavas carrying a Ganapati from here when they briefly occupied Badami.

Awesome first sight of the Badami cave

Finely carved entrance

Image of Vishnu in a hall with intricately carved pillars

This one is on the Ceiling

Entrance door to the caves further on the top

Grinding stone, we used this too about 25 years back

Magnificent view of the boothnath temple from across the caves


Smitha said...

Ah! Badami... i have always wanted to go there. probably backpack and go all around Aihole, Lakkundi etc... The pictures are alluring. I wish I could go there right away

Monty said...

Never been to Badami but felt visited looking at beautiful snaps.