Thursday, February 5, 2009

Harihareshwara Temple

After a hard days work in Harihara, we go to the Harihareshwara temple at about 7 pm.
The pillars of the temple are awesome and the carvings intricate , but almost total darkness and no tripod to shoot. This is probably the time one can hone their skills in photography.
For someone who loves history, this temple built by the Hoysala kings was great to admire , More so because I am yet to visit Belur-Halebidu - another beauty of Hoysala period.

Both this images were shot with the camera on a pillar with a shutter speed of 15 sec and a aperture of 4.0

The Entrance to the Temple

Lateral view of the temple


Smitha said...

Harihara! We have been there.. yes amazing structure.. beautiful pictures nice interplay of lights!

LG said...

Temple looks beautiful, fantastic click

sudha said...

structure is beautiful but photograph is much more beautiful