Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chintamani, Kaivara

Place have interesting tales to tell, especially if you know a bit of Indian Mythology. I was in Chintamani and got to see the Kailash Giri caves, where a whole mountain is being drilled to house a temple, on the lines of Badami, Patadkal, but in these modern times a cave temple....... The Kaivara town I found was not only known for the 19th century saint Nayanappa, but also is the place where the duel between Bhima and Bhakasura took place.

This road leads to Kailashgiri

The Cave Temple

The Hillock where the duel reportedly took place ending in the fall of the Bhakasura from the top

Saint Narayanapp' s temple at Kaivara

Chintamani by Night-Shot from a nearby hillock

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