Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chitradurga da kalina kote

This hair rising song from the Kannada movie " Nagarahavu", rings in your ears when you near the fort. Its a beauty but I am yet to admire it. This is my third visit to this fort and I am yet to explore the vast area and see for myself, the brave lady Obavva's kindi. Like always this time too I reached the fort around 6 pm, after a days work and had to be satisfied roaming around the periphery and take couple of shots promising myself a next visit.

The Bastions at the base of the mountains

The path to the summit of the fort


Smitha said...

Never quite realised that the Chitradurga fort was so beautiful until i saw these pictures!!

LG said...

Thanks for the fort pictures. Miss Chitradurga, it's been years since I visited the place. Nostalgia...
Very good photographs :)