Monday, September 7, 2009

Seine River Cruise

Every ancient civilization sprung up on the banks of a river. Be it the Egyptian on the banks of Nile, or the Mesopotamian on Tigris and Euphrates, the Indus valley on Indus. And every great city is built on a river, be it Agra and Delhi on Yamuna, Calcutta on Ganga, London on Thames, New York on Hudson , Budapest, Vienna and Belgrade on Danube.
A River adds a great dimension to the city. Imagine Taj Mahal without the Yamuna, Calcutta without the Hoogly Ghats, and Varanasi without the Ganga.
So is Seine to Paris. Dividing Paris into the left and the right bank, A must for any visitor to Paris is the Seine river cruise. Guaranteed to trill even a hard demeanor person , It showcases the history of the city. One can get to see beautiful bridges across Seine (called Pont in French), the Louvre Museum, The famed Notre Dame Cathedral, The Obliex at the place de la Concorde, the location where Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette was beheaded, the french revolution unfolds.....

This pier opposite the Eiffel tower from where the cruise start

Waiting for the service to start after buying tickets, it would be great to have pancakes with chocolate spread
One of the most beautiful and ornately decorated, the Alexander III rd bridges

Le Grand Palais_ an Exhibition Hall
A statute on the Pont de l’Alma

The Pont des Arts against the fiery evening sky

The Pont Royal with Lourve in the background

The Obelisk –A gift from Egypt at the Place de la Concorde

The Eiffel sparkling at the stroke of the hour from across the river


Smitha said...

Ah Paris!!! Lovely...

Anonymous said...

last few days our class held a similar talk about this subject and you point out something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

- Laura