Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Golconda reminds one of the famed Kohinoor diamond which was not mined here as I had assumed, but sold in the Mina bazaar in the precincts of the town. Its one of the most glamorous forts I have seen. The Acoustics of this fort is just fantastic and the reception across the wall is so clear it beats any of the modern communication methods.

An interesting entrance to the fort, the main door is blocked by a huge bastion like structure to which rules out the possibility of the main door being rammed open.

The Sprawling fort, the building with the minars seen at the top, was the inspiration for the charminar

Repair work of any kind on monuments ruin the whole effect, I wish they let it be and instead maintain the same condition.

A sound and light show amidst these ruins make a great effect

The Barracks


Smitha said...

Amazing... never quite though Golkonda to be this vast :)

Pradosh said...

I like your photography and your obvious fascination for things historical - traits we both share, if I may add.

Landed here from indiblogger - hope to be back more often. Keep up the good work

rajolisudhir said...

Thanks Pradosh
Yes Historical buildings always facinates me