Thursday, June 16, 2011

Barcelona to Sydney in one year

To start blogging again was quite difficult, once your are out of the loop, it requires a  great deal of effort to start all over again. I have been travelling quite a lot; for  work and  otherwise; accumulated many a photos up and down the lane. Now that the ice is broken,  I thought the best would be to start with  Patrick.

It was early February and we were driving down from Belgaum in North Karnataka, and I saw this van, proudly proclaiming "Barcelona to Sydney in one year". I was able to catch up with this van at the toll gate. Mr. Patrick graciously pulled over and had a heart to heart chat. He along with his two lovely daughters and wife are on a journey of life time and were proceeding to the famed Hampi.

He spoke about his journey to India and how his vehicle would be shipped to Australia, during the time he would tour Thailand, Malaysia etc. It was such a pleasure taking to him and asked me to keep updated on . He must have completed his journey by this time.

Kudos to you Patrick


Babli said...

Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.
Wonderful and interesting post. Aussies love to travel by campervan for 6 months and sometimes more than that. Infact they are very adventurous and sporty.
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