Monday, June 14, 2010

Akhnoor- Glow of the Eye

When I did my  research for ancient sites around Jammu, I stumble upon Akhnoor and to my surprise I learn Sites concerning Indus valley civilisation are at Akhnoor, and then  the romantic epic of Sohni-Mahiwal was said to have taken place here ( with both drowning in the Chenab).
A Strategic located place, just about 40 kms from Jammu, along the might Chenab, used to be the Mogul route  Srinagar.  It takes little more than a hour from Jammu, mainly because of the many barricades and check point put up by the Army. Because of the close proximity to the Pak-border, security in this area is quite intense.
Emperor Jahangir-passionately in love with Kashmir died on the way to Srinagar near here. We were told stories of Pandav's serving their Agayat Vas here, the presence of King  Virat's palace. Previously called Virat nagar, the change to Akhnoor (glow of the eye) is attributed to the Mogul Queen being cured of a eye ailment by a priest here .
The Imposing fort built on  the hilltop is said to be on a previous terrace of the Harrapan civilisation. Excavation in the fort are purported to support this, Unfortunately there were no guides to explain this. A walk down the fort leads to the Pandav Guha-the cave where the pandavs hid.

Panoramic View of the fort across the river Chenab

The interiors of the fort

A priest cooks his lunch of cabbage in one of the temples- he is the one who narrates most of history to us

The Steps of the Gurudwara leads to the Chenab


Indrani said...

That is lot of history connected to the place. Thanks for the description. Great shots of the place.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Gorgeous pictures and stunning scenery! Have a great day!

Kannada Cuisine said...

Ah! Akhnoor....I kinda hear Sujjat Bhukhari's voice about some shelling or so....But then the place is so much more than conflict..Thanks for highlighting the positive side of Akhnoor.. I do intend to go there so time ...

ruma2008 said...

Yes. All over there is grand. And it is eternity.

Space. Time. Human being...
All is immortality.

The old man seems to be totally a Zen priest.

Thank you.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful post. Now, I know about a place and its history which I was unaware so far. I would definitely like to see this in person.

R Sudhir Kumar said...

- Thanks Indrani, I find history assoicated, right form Kanya kumari to Kashmir, places assoicated with Epics like mahabharata, Ramayana and then the local rulers, such is the the beauty of India.
-Thanks Phivos
-Yes K.., With the border being in the close proximity, it happens many a time. I am sure you will visit all these place.
-Ruma2008, I am flattred by your comments, This is the best I can except.
-Thanks Rajesh, I know you would appriciate these place. Keep travelling.

joshi daniel said...

nice and i like the cooking pic the most ;)