Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Country side in the Suburbs of Paris

Its always worth while  moving away from places which are filled with the regular tourists,  limiting ourself to the city of lights-Paris, is a mistake most of us the make. A short distance from the main centre of attraction will take you to many places, which could turn out to be a beautiful experience.
Starting with the French countryside, I wanted to see how the rural ordinary people live, there life style etc. But after seeing much of the areas, I realised that in a Developed Nation, If I was trying to find the sort of poverty that exist in rural India, It is not to be. Having spent 16 years in Kerala, I suddenly realised, Kerala too is miles ahead in terms of Hygiene, cleanliness, standard of living etc. All this only due to the higher literacy rates.

A small village

Horse breeding farms

History stares at you in many locations, 

Old mansions....


A brook, very much like in a Enid Blyton story

This is beautiful-an ancient water wheel, in working condition


Kannada Cuisine said...

Very well said!
Kerala is like paradise all because of its higher literacy.. They say it compares to Developed countries on many counts...
Beautiful pictures... never quite knew Horses could be beige in colour :)

R Sudhir Kumar said...

Thanks K..
The horses being or not being beige is intresting. Let me see