Friday, April 23, 2010


Ranganathittu is  a birders and photographers paradise, and is a pleasure to keep visiting again and again. The park is full of bird in the seasom from December to March. You will find birds zipping around, Birds nesting, their full throated cry, fetching nesting material, food for their young ones ... my nest, sorry next post will bring in the story of parenting, which is just as important for birds too.

Painted Stork - aptly named in all its glory

An Egret with its babies

 Open bill Storks

The mud swallows- builds their nest in crevices of the rock above the water, and are extremely swift


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Pradosh said...

I was in Ranganathittu last year, but I didnt spot the mud swallows there.
But then again, I was engrossed in watching the huge crocodiles - and there were a LOT of them

R Sudhir Kumar said...

Thanks Pradosh, in fact I was looking for crocodiles, none turned up this time.

Pradosh said...

One photo from my last visit