Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Jain Basidi in Ammanagi

Travel places and bet to find something to knock you down. Here we were on the way to Hukkeri (in Belguam District of Karnataka) and we learn of a ancient Jain temple unearthed in the year 1993. This is Ammanagi village in Hukkeri Taluk.

A magnificent temple, all black dedicated to Thirthankara Parasvanath - look as if it is cut of some soft material and not stone. Even a knock on the wall does not sound like stone. Purported to have been built in the ninth century during the Chalukyan period by their Chieftain who were Jains, this village has some dilapidated remains of buildings which points to Ammanagi being an important settlement those days.

The Basidi

Inner View of the temple


Mallikarjun Khanapuri said...

it not in 1993.. may be in 1893

R Sudhir Kumar said...

Thanks mallikarjun for your visit. The temple was unearthed in 1993 all the time it was buried under the earth you know.

Mallikarjun Khanapuri said...

Sorry. Its wrong. I m frm ammanagi. Atleast I m seeing it frm my birth frm last 40 years. Sure it was unearthed at few centuries back. Pl check

R Sudhir Kumar said...

Thanks Mallikarjun for comming back. This was the information given by some people at the temple. I will try to collect some information and get back


Hi both Mallikarjun & Sudhir.
Sudhir....Mallikarjun may be right coz, me a child use to visit Ammanagi once in 6 months being my native.
My jain friends use to visit the Basati which i remember.
Our family exists since 1800's.