Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Those were the times. When the village/town used to be self contined in itself. You had the brick maker, The black smith, the baker, the oil extractor, the lime maker in the kilns, the potter and not to mention the locally grown grains and vegetable, milk butter, everything in the village and for some other items which could be considered exotic you had the weekly santhe (market day).
And these are the times: One single or couple of manufacturer of Milk for the whole state, Packed bakery products, branded grocery, no pottery or lime used but only cement. so on and so forth.
And times to come, globalisation will see a single maker of milk worldwide, like wise for cement, brick, bakery, and so on. We already have only two manufactures making Cola, all other items will follow.
Nice to see this scene which was prety common in our childhood. Wandering/mobile repair men with their little pump and earthen stove approching and repairing almost anything. Here we see the old man soldering the chain of the wrist watch, while the kerosene stove lies in line for repair.

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Smitha said...

Oh yeah!! remember the Hale-Dabba-Khali-Shesha men, the Kerosene Vendors, Knife Grinders.. Wonder where they all disappered.