Friday, June 26, 2009

Manne_ The Capital of Gangas

With a history as old as Greece, Mesopotamia and Egypt, Most of the places one visits in India are replete with tales associated with Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramyana and also the various kings who ruled the area. While on a visit to Kaivara, It was interesting to learn that the hillock in the village was where the duel between Bhima and Bakasura took place.

So, When I had to visit Nelamangala, A quick search on the net and lo! What do I find? the ancient capital of Ganga’s of Talakad called Manne today but Manyapura in its hey days. A further research tells the Ganga shifted their capital from Talakad in last days of their reign, probably after the rise of Hoysala.

Manne is a small village today with green pastures on all the sides, very quietly the arch at the entrance welcomes you to the capital of Ganga. There are three temples we could see scattered around the village. But I am sure a little more patience and exploring the area may have many more such ruins.
Alas, there were none to tell us the names of the temple, the website of Nelamangala town lists two temple Kapileshwara and Someshwara
The temple below which I assume is Kapileshwara does not have a scantum scantorium, whether it existed at all is a question

But then, year of neglelect and growth of vegetaion may have left the original complex depleted

A Close up of the sclupture at the entrance

and beautifuly decorated windows, A careful look at the details of the carvings gives a insight to this structure

Another one of the windows

The structure below called the sule gudi (A prostitute's temple, probably built by a prostitute) is today cleverly used to store fodder, located as it is among a cluster of houses. Oldtimer recall that few decades back it used to be a big complex atleast four times the present size, and the diety present here was carried to Shivagange which is another beautiful hillock nearby.

The temple below probably Someshwara temple is situated in field, away from the road. Vegetation has completly engulfed it from all the sides and this is the only decent shot I could manage, but the intricacies at the roof and the pillar indicate this must be a beautiful structure, wish the local authorites would clear the bushes

I could not resist clearing a litte and what I see inside is this, I know this is a lousy shot


Kannada Cuisine said...

Such a sad state of affairs is it not? My heart bleeds to see such apathy...

Unknown said...

Well sudhir, there r those who have a urging in them to look nd comprehend things the way u have done nd pbly people like me wud only marvel on seeing somebody elses discovery, u know "seeing thro vidur's eyes".Going by what u have mentioned of MANE a desire is now born that i must visit this place on my next chutti....,,,SO AS I SAY U KEEP EXPLORING ND I'LL KEEP MARVELLING AT IT"...GOOD JOB BRO.